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137 Sterling Oak Drive
Brandon, MS  39042

As a discriminate pet owner, you may prefer a cage-free/stress-free environment for your dog. Here at Doggie Day Camp & Board, we have been providing this type of boarding service for over 4 years.

 While you are away, your pet may enjoy our indoor, temperature controlled, boarding suite, complete with amenities, i.e., sofas to sleep on, 24/7 t.v., and plenty of off-leash outdoor play. Kennel time is reserved for night time (if desired), cleaning the doggie suite and food separation. Your pet's suite also includes a large, tree-shaded, fenced-in doggie play area that he/she will have access to throughout the day.  This suite is
reserved for the small, the timid, the elderly and those with disabilities.
Our doggie limit for this room is 5 - 7.  They MUST be housebroken, spayed and/or neutered and friendly with other dogs.

Due to high volume, we have now doubled our space and now offer, for our big high energy boarders, the "Ruff House".  This 420' room, complete with A/C, heat, and 24/7 Animal Planet, is reserved for our high energy dogs.  It's a cool retreat from the mid-day heat,  and a wonderful playroom for rainy days.  Our boarders are loving it!  Doggie limit for
this room is 10 or so.  There is a seperate yard for our big'uns with plenty of shade, running room and a kiddie pool during the summer months.

Keep in mind - my limit reflects approximate numbers.  It really depends on the group at hand.

A "meet and greet" is required several days before you board.  This ensures your pet will be less nervous upon your departure, has the
appropriate temperament for our social environment, and enables me to
learn a little about him/her before their actual boarding date.

To qualify for indoor boarding, your pet must be housebroken, social around other dogs, be on a flea/tick preventative and up-to-date on shots, including bordatella.  Your pet must be at least a year old (or close to it) and spayed/neutered.  Zero exceptions made on the spay and neuter rule.

Advanced reservations (2 weeks or more) are highly recommended during the summer months and holidays.

Types of customers that use Doggie Day Camp:
     -  Dogs whose owners have extended business and/or vacation
        travel (these dogs may qualify for our extended-stay discounts)
     -  Dogs with special dietary needs
     -  Dogs with physical challenges (I board the deaf, demented and
        the blind!)
     -  Dogs whose owners fly out of Jackson-Evers Airport (see
        our rates for pick-up and delivery - your car is parked at
        Doggie Day Camp for free)
     -  High energy dogs (they always go home tired)
     -  Apartment dwelling dogs that need mental and physical stimulation
        (Doggie Day Camp may be your answer!)
     -  Dogs that would rather stay home (Doggie Day Camp now offers
        pet sitting)    

Some dogs that are not very social, but still need a calming environment,
may be happier in one of our tree-shaded, outdoor kennels. You may rest assured he/she will be provided the same attention and supervision, but at a lower price. An outdoor, overnight stay includes an igloo doghouse and a tree-shaded, partially covered, 11x11 kennel.

Doggie Day Camp is now offering Basic and Advanced Obedience, and specific problem solving for your pet.  Please call 601-941-6155 for additional information.

Thank you for considering Doggie Day Camp & Board for your pet's boarding needs.
  If you are ready to make a reservation, please see our Client Information Form on the Location/Contact/Form page and submit your information, or you may email me with any questions at:

Joy Ladd
Doggie Day Camp & Board

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